Articles from September 2016

REPAL 2016 Best Paper Prizes

The REPAL 2016 Best Paper Committee has awarded the Best Paper Prize to Matthew Amengual’s “Buying Stability: The Distributive Outcomes of Firm Responses to Risk in the Bolivian Mining Industry”. The committee considered that the paper is making a strong theoretical and methodological contribution to the study of political economy in Latin America. The original data collected by the author through fieldwork and a survey in four mining enclaves in Bolivia is particularly noteworthy.

The runner-up to the Best Paper Prize is Kathryn Hochstetler’s “Electricity Consumption in Brazil and South Africa: Distributive Coalitions and Consequences”.

The committee also selected the first Best Graduate Student Paper Award, which goes to Diego Díaz-Rioseco’s “Blessing and Curse: Oil and Subnational Politics in the Argentine Provinces”.