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The Department of Social and Political Sciences at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay (UCU, Montevideo) will host the 2015 Repal conference, in 7-8 July 2015.  Juan Bogliaccini (UCU) will chair the local organizing committee, and Ben Ross Schneider (MIT) and Angélika Rettberg (UNIANDES) will serve as program chairs.

The program committee welcomes proposals that tackle important puzzles and problems, both theoretical and practical, in the political economy of Latin America.  Paper proposals (no more than 500 words) should be grounded in solid empirical field research employing whatever methods are appropriate to the research questions.  Proposals, papers, and presentations can be in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Submission deadline for paper proposals is 15 December 2014. Send proposals to Notification of acceptance will come by late January 2015.

Please send your paper in PDF format to

CONFERENCE PROGRAM (subject to further changes)

REPAL 2015 Papers:

Opening Keynote: Rethinking Productive Development, Ernesto Stain

Alcañiz & Berardo, A Network Analysis of Transboundary Water Cooperation

Altman and Pérez-Liñán, Can Sustained Growth Hinder Democracy?

Amengual, Who Gets What Out of Extractives 

Andrade, Déjà Vu: Retorno de la ISI en Ecuador

Bensusán & O’Connor, Innovation in Policy Making in City Governments

Bergman, Property Crime and Secondary Markets in Latin America

Bhaven and Shadlen, TRIPS Implementation and Secondary Pharmaceutical Patents

Bianchi, Fuentes, & Pittaluga, Capacidades Estatales y Desarrollo Productivo

Bogliaccini & López, Local Human Capital Inequality

Bonvecchi & Simison, Fiscal Federalism and Lawmaking under Authoritarianism

Botelo & Kasahara, Policy- Entrepreneurship or Policy -Opportunism?

Bril-Mascarenhas, The Politics of Pension Regulation 

Carnes & Mares, Explaining the “Return of the State” in Middle-Income Countries

Camacho, Political Origins of Preferences for Redistribution

Carrillo, Substitutability and Sustainability in Brazil

Davies & Falleti, Who Participates? Local Community Participation

Doner & Schneider, The Middle Income Trap

Dossi, La Elite Corporativa Industrial en los Años Noventa

Freytes, The Cerrado Is Not the Pampas

Garriga, Determinants of Central Bank Independence

Garriga & Phillips, Criminal Violence and the Subnational Distribution of FDI

Gonzalez, Freedom of Few

Heredia & Nemiña, Role of Heterodoxy in Argentinian Neoliberalism

Hochstetler, Green Industrial Policy and Industrial Energy Transition 

Kaplan, The China Boom in Latin America

Leiras & Others, A Call to Arms

López & Luna, Elite strategies of State Bifurcation in Unequal Democracies

López Cariboni & Menéndez, When Dualization Benefits Outsiders

Luna, Unpacking the State’s Uneven Territorial Reach

Jiménez Fontana, Exoneraciones Fiscales en Costa Rica

Madrid, Origins of Democracy in Chile

Mahon, Models of Public Finance

Mejia Guinand, Changing Role of Central Planning 

Monsalve & Puerta, Corporate Networks and Consolidation

Muñoz & others, Elites Regionales en el Perú

Murillo & Mangonnet, Redistributive Conflict over Commodity Rents

Niedzwiecki, Social Policies, Attribution of Responsibility, and Political Alignments

Olivera & Urdinez, Domestic Coalitions and International Trade

Orihuela, Polanyi in the Peruvian Amazon 

Panther, Global and Domestic Inequalities

Paredes & Orihuela, There is a “Social Resource” Curse?

Rettberg, Peace Under the Magnifying Glass

Rivera, Human Capital Formation

Rodríguez W., Impulsando la Desigualdad de Mercado, Chile

Salazar & Waltenberg, Desigualdade de renda e demanda por redistribuição na América Latina

Sánchez & Martínez, Social Policy Architectures

Schneider, Democratic Deepening and International Insertion 

Silva, Patagonia Without Dams 

von Schiller, Business Organisations, Party Systems and Tax Composition  

REPAL 2015 Book Panels:

Daniela Campello. The Politics of Market Discipline in Latin America: Globalization and Democracy.

Eduardo Dargent. Technocracy and Democracy in Latin America.

Isik Ozel.  State-business Alliances and Economic Development:  Turkey, Mexico, and North Africa. Introduction & Chapter 1

Hillel Soifer.  State Building in Latin America, Introduction 

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